Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh, name

While the seemingly never-ending parade of rejected Obama nominees (Daschle, Gregg, El Gobernardo Gordo cona una barba) has proven to be a messy thorn in the President's side, he has come through the cabinet process relatively unscathed, which is great because he needs all of the political capital he can muster to take money from white men and give it to illegal day laborers.

I was ok with the losses of Daschle, etc... but after the withdrawal of intelligence chief pick Chas Freeman, I am inconsolable.  How can Americans go on after they realize they have been denied the opportunity to have a guy named Chas at the highest echelons of government?

He could have worn a leather jacket.  He could have bullied the young aides in the White House Press Office.  He could have made Jill Biden uncomfortable.  Where will we go for the Obama adminstration douchebag?

Oh, right, Rahm Emmanuel.


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